Consumer Power & the Blockchain

Consumer Coin Brings the World’s Consumer Power to Your Wallet

It’s simple.

In the economy ‘money talks’.

And who has all the money?

Apple? Toyota? Governments? Nope.

It is us, the Consumers.

Size Matters

Companies like Coca-Cola, Apple and Toyota get big discounts on things like phone service and insurance.

With their bigger size, governments get better terms.

As the group with the world’s biggest purchasing power, Consumer Coin will do even better.

Easy-to-use Consumer Coin transactions mean enormous Consumer benefits:

lower prices

$3000 to $5000 saved per household on items they already buy

better treatment

improved service, longer warranties, better terms

social and environmental sustainability

responsible business practices
Since it will be free and easy to use, I see no reason everyone in the world wouldn’t use it. Prof. Stephen S. Cohen

University of California, Berkeley

As consumers, we supply 60% of the world’s GDP. And yet we have no power. In big companies, management has a voice, shareholders have a voice, and even labor has a voice. But not consumers.

This all changes with Consumer Coin.

Big groups have more power than individuals. We’re using cryptocurrency to balance the power of big corporations. By using Consumer Coins people will join the largest group of consumers uniting their purchasing power for their own benefits – like lower prices, better service, longer warranties, better terms and of course social and environmentally sustainable business practices.

For Consumer Coin, the first and the easiest benefits to get are large discounts on everyday goods and services.

How Consumer Coin will Change the World


Steps of Revolution

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